Dealing with the commerce of tobacco, cotton, fig, grape in Izmir, Italian origin Georgia Giraz came to Istanbul in 1948 with his colleagues. In these days, Turkey was at the early stage of its industrilization and there were a few Turkish people speaking foreign language. Georgia Giraz and his friends decided to establish a company to import European Products and to represent European companies in Turkey.
Their concentration was on Machine-Tools, Textile Machinery, Agricultural Machines including Tractors, Steel-Iron Industry and Cutting Tools. Giraz and his friends started to represent a wide range of world wide known German, English, French and Italian manufacturers dealing with above subjects.

After The World War II, Germany gave more importance on export. Giraz company took the responsibility of representing well-known German machine-tools manufacturers. They also invite 8 Germans to work with them in Istanbul office. At this period total of 16 people were in charge of the import and the representation of machine-tools, steel - iron and tractor from Germany and textile machinery from England. In 1960 the military took the power in Turkey and Georgia Giraz decided to move to Germany. The 8 German also decided to return to their country. After Giraz left the country, Celal Imre and his 4 friends took over the management of the activities.

Celal Imre was a valuable Turkish man, had been two times the general manager of MKEK. After his retirement from this position, he joined Giraz company and manage the company's activity in Ankara. The other 4 people were his colleagues working in Istanbul office as technical, commercial and financial responsibles. As Celal Imre took over the business, the company name is changed to Celal Imre Ticaret Ltd. Sti. The new company concentrated more on machine-tools, steel-iron and cutting tools out of Germany. Those activities lasted till 1971, the death of Celal Imre.

Then Ismet Unan joined the company as a shareholder and took the responsibility of running the business. The other 3 shareholders were doing their own private business. After the death of Celal Imre the name of the company changed to Emre Makina ve Donatim Tic. Ltd. Sti. The 4 shareholders out of 5 sold their shares to Ismet Unan in 1990 and after that Ismet Unan and his children continued the activities as a family business. In 2002 as the life period of the company expired legally, a new copmany under the name of Unan Teknik Makina Metal Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti. is established and this company continues the representing activities.